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"Turbocharge Your Career" book equips you with step-by-step process to build a remarkable career, and shares valuable insights into having a peaceful, fun-filled experience filled career journey with values. This books talks about maximizing impact and conserving energy to do things that are worth living for. Most of the current generation is spending time in making a living with almost no time to live the live of their choice - This book shares time-less tips to live the life of choice while having maximum impact at work.



Sree Gade
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Sreedhar Gade is an industry leader with nearly 2 decades of association with world's leading Technology, Financial & Internet organizations including Yahoo! Inc and Microsoft. Sree has presented at number of conferences & seminars on emerging trends & leadership, he also runs blogs & social channels on career guidance & leadership.


Sree has been fortunate to have worked side-by-side with numerous extremely talented, visionary industry leaders across the world at various capacities and was able to observe and learn anatomy of rapid career growth. He truly believes that each individual has potential to achieve above & beyond the ordinary by being exposed to right information, following specific execution plan & mentorship. He is extremely passionate about democratizing these principles, so that they are available on demand and accessible with equal opportunity irrespective of geographical location or financial back ground of the aspirant.

3 Interview Pitfalls to avoid

3 Interview Pitfalls to avoid

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