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You are now like a plane that just took off from the runway – Most important maneuvers of the flight path are needed right now, to gather strength and capitalize on the lift to soar to stable heights. Any laid back actions at this point could undo the benefits of you being at the next level and will probably make others feel, “was this promotion too early?”

“It is better to stay a good performer at the current level than be under performer at the next level – The respect, possibility of success are totally different “

Most people think short term success is a destination, result of hard work and they deserve some break – Rightfully so, however, if you do slow down, you miss out on the edge you got due to the recent success. Those who consider this as just a milestone and not destination, will continue the journey and continue to win. Better still, those who consider this as “pitstop” to recharge, will speed up even further will have taken maximum leverage of success as spring board to next levels.

“Promotion is a new job in the same company. Only thing thats different is, your colleagues & culture are familiar. And the familiarity has both upside & downsides to it!”

Here are the 3 key things you can do to avoid common mistakes and capitalize on success you had:

  1. Understand the role expectations at the new level 

    • Talk to your manager, HR and your mentors in the company and understand what changes in terms of expectations

    • Observe folks who are already at the new level for years and well respected.

    • Create a development plan for yourself. Yes, this is as important plan as you had during your preparations to the promotion.

  1. Set right expectations with people above & below you (if any)

    • Remember, this is as good as new job. Tell them you have a plan in place and you will take certain amount of time to reach up to role’s expectations (2weeks, 3months depending upon seniority of the role)

    • Tell folks you will ask questions, seek help – since you will be attempting things that you have not tried before.

  1. Work with new/renewed passion that shows – Work like you just joined the company

    • You got the reward you’ve wanted, the promotion – Now run with passion and conviction that people can see

    • Try innovation, new things on job.

    • Have a mentor outside your group who is accomplished and respected – who has no vested interest in your department or role. He/She can act as a mirror for your actions and works as feedback loop

“Nothing fails like success! – Taste of success has all the ingredients to boost confidence beyond line of reality and cause one to underestimate the challenges ahead and miss opportunities.”

You might have noticed, 2 individuals who passed out from same college, would have ended up in totally different roles, pay scale and popularity in 10 years. It’s entirely different way of looking at the career and successful events of in life. If you had success by doing things in a certain way, you have probably cracked the code of success in your own way. Remember, life is short – It is these phases momentum that propels us forward, folds time and helps is get to heights that we admire, before its too late.

Keep pushing the envelop!


Sree Gade

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