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Job skills, knowledge and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) have been seen as critical aspects for individuals to succeed in their lives. Especially during past 10 years, professionals have been investing heavily on learning & improving job skills as techniques to get ahead.

And clearly, that has not been enough! Job skills aren’t able to create big enough distinction – more was needed, something different & deeper.

We have been missing one important point – Most unpredictable & critical aspect of our lives is not the technology or machines. its the People! And thats a very complex subject! After all these years of research , we are probably just scratching the surface.Emotional Quotient (EQ) will be key.
  1. EQ is differentiator at work place: Most companies have a certain hiring bar for campuses & the industry. Which means, once you go through the standard bar, there’s not much variation in capabilities among employees, at a certain job level. The only differentiator then, is how resilient you are emotionally – How you hold your nerve, how efficient are you under pressure and how good are you with people.

  2. Build trust with EQ or stagnate: Most of us work in global environments with diverse cultures with varying economic backgrounds. This brings in aspects of job security, mutual respect and corporate favoritism. To accomplish significant things with such a diverse workforce, we got to be able to deal with above variables. There are no right or wrong answers – You either win or you learn. You pick and choose your battles – hand the victory to the opponent in some cases, while you fight till end in others.

Like it or not, key decisions favor the like-minded. Key roles are assigned to those who are predictable at the leadership level. It boils down to the fact that ” have you built the trust with emotional balance and consistent behavior”

3. Hiring & retaining talent needs EQ: You are only as strong as your lieutenants. Strong teams can not be built without a few strong believers in the company working consistently through ups & downs to get to goals. They say, people leave managers not companies. This brings in a substantial people aspect. You need emotionally balanced leaders to build performing teams.

Simple people solve complex problems. Complex people complicate problems further, let alone solving them.

Make no mistake – Subject matter expertise is important for success, however, EQ is the differentiator – It will not only help you navigate the corporate world with ease, but helps you create exponential growth and fold time in achieving your dreams.

An intellect with low EQ is like most powerful car driven by untrained driver. You would rather have a decently powered car with good driving skills.

Art of letting go, delayed gratification, empathy and open mindedness are some of the traits to be developed and nurtured. Its time everyone invest in these areas & build emotional muscle, you will be unstoppable!



Sree Gade

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