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The word visibility is often associated with bragging or swaggering and usually understood to be done to compensate lack of expected performance or results. Also, being a complacent & silent performer is thought to be honest way to operate in corporate world.

The real fact is, this has changed completely in recent times, with rapid changes in business models, companies needing to try out multiple strategies and product lines simultaneously to stay relevant. Need for innovation and exchange of ideas, best practices internally, there’s lot more need for quick communication across the ranks in organizations than ever. Creating visibility can act as catalyst for essential communication in an organization to help identify quick wins and develop them further for larger financial & intellectual gains.

As important as it is, it’s also important to know why, how and when to use it to deliver great results for personal career growth as well as success of the organization.


Upwards: Creates clarity to the leadership and make them feel – They know how my team below working on assigned projects – They know when will it get done, and when a course correction needed – They know what practices are yielding results on the ground. What to repeat, what to dump

Downwards: Creates clarity to the teams you are representing and makes them feel… – Items I am working on are actually making a difference – My work is visible up the hierarchy and not falling in deaf ears – Now that i know the responses from the community, I know what I need to get better at, for better results next time around

Peer groups: Peers know and get inspired. And they will feel – I have total clarity on what my peer group is working on, Now I can leverage some of the work for mutual wins – I can invite this leader into my team meeting to share the wins and inspire – I have data for strong recommendation for an award or promotion

Self: Can’t improve if you don’t measure. We have an unbiased view of where we stand in overall context – Paves way for exponential career growth and great sense of accomplishment.


Define Metrics, your success criteria Spend time in defining all the parameters that define your projects/tasks, which can define progress in a measurable and tangible way.

Measure: Introduce ways of collecting the data on tangible & intangible activities of the team, for defined metrics against set goals. Automation of metrics measurement is desirable in long term.

Report: Create weekly and monthly reporting with consistent repetition to get the team and management familiar with top metrics. Consistent delivery creates curiosity and expectations of the reports. Consumers of the reports would actively observe variations in metrics.

Schedule monthly or quarterly business, engineering or operations reviews to contain comprehensive list of metrics, projects and achievements of past, present and future. Create an intranet website for your team and make latest info available on demand. If your leadership needs urgent data about the team, they should have it available online, without needing to wait for your response.

Focus on the impact delivered rather than listing the activity when reporting…


There is no wrong time! Consistently recurring reporting yields best results, however, this can be done even when there’s tangible piece of work completed, or status has changed significantly. Maintaining extreme consistency on reporting periodicity is the key to retain the interest and relevance.

Putting it all together, visibility is a greatest tool for the growth of organizations & employees, use it extensively, use it in a right way.

Let me know your thoughts…

Good luck! Sree Gade

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